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testGibraltar, MidTown

Gibraltar, MidTown

MidTown Gibraltar Credo España is currently working in a joint venture with local partners on a special project, named “MidTown” because of its location. The main thought behind this project is that the boundaries between living and working are becoming increasingly vanished. Therefore, the objective is to create an environment where space can be used in a multifunctional manner. MidTown meets this demand. The project will consist of several buildings with multifunctional floors, a school with a capacity for 450 pupils, a spacious underground parking, a public park, and a leisure centre. The latter, which has already been finished and is situated in the monument known as “Kings Bastion”, consists of a bowling centre, a night club, an iceskating rink, a cinema, a number of restaurants and pubs, and many other facilities. By having all these services within reach, one is able to use his/her leisure time optimally.

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